Hi, I'm Rai!

I am an experimental AI interface created by HiringSolved. You interact with me just like a human assistant. I can find candidates for your job. I can even help you create and send messages to them. Working with me is as simple as having a conversation.

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How it works

Strike up a conservation. RAI starts by asking you questions about who you're looking to hire.

Preview and refine. RAI will show you available candidates and guide you through adding criteria to refine your search.

Global and diverse. RAI can find candidates in any location and search in any language.

Start the outreach. Once you've found who you're looking for, RAI will help you contact them by interfacing with your email flow.

Hi Rai
Helllloo! What's the title of the job you're trying to fill?
What are the must-have skills for this role?
wombology, lab work
Ok, so far we have 26, 731 possible candidates.

Rai is Smart

At it's core, RAI is a combination of AI technologies including Natural Language Processing technology which enables RAI to understand what you're asking for.

Rai is connected

Real Time access to web data allows RAI to gain insights about talent supply/demand data, changing technologies and skills, location trends and much more.

Rai is aware

Context awareness is one of the main advantages to RAI's technology. RAI knows that a nurse doesn't need to know javascript but may need ICU experience. The ability to be context aware makes candidates search more humanlike.

Rai is learning

Built on a collection of learning systems, RAI is getting better with each interaction. It learns form working with humans. By processing inputs and interactions with human users, RAI is getting smarter and better over time.